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Project partner: MPI

The research groups of MR Spectroscopy/Ultra High field Methodology and High-field MRI belong to the Max Planck Institute of Biological Cybernetics in Tübingen, Germany, which is dedicated to studying signal and information processing in the central nervous system exploiting multi-modal imaging in animals and humans complemented by invasive methods and psychophysics.

A specific interest of the research group is the development of magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS: 1H, 31P, 13C) and metabolic imaging methodology (CEST) including hardware, sequences, pre-processing and analysis routines that allow for investigation of metabolic processes in the human brain, spinal cord, muscle and heart at clinical (3T) and ultra-high field (7T, 9.4T) strength. In collaboration with clinical partners novel methods are validated and used in clinical and basic physiology trials.

Project contribution

The MPI team has comprehensive expertise in MR spectroscopy data analysis software development and contributed to the project this competency as well as a number of software tools (spectral fitting: ProFit 2.0, postprocessing and viewing: Spektator, further MRS preprocessing & reconstruction software and scripts for spin evolution simulation to create spectral basis sets). The MPI team was mainly involved in the integration and further enhancement of the MRS / CEST analysis modules into the software framework as well as with regard to data handling, pre-processing pipelines, viewing and feature extraction.


Dr. Anke Henning

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