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Open Source Packages

The CDSQuaMRI project has resulted in a number of new or improved open source software packages for the analysis of various MR modalities. These packages can be used independently or in combination with the Agora framework.

The development of these open access software packages was financially supported by the Horizon 2020/CDS-QUAMRI/634541 project. This support is gratefully acknowledged.


MyRelax - Myelin And Relaxation analysis package

License: BSD 2-clause license

Link to software:

Description: The MyRelax package include analysis tools such as metrics for myelin integrity assessment through the macromolecular tissue volume (MTV) parameter as well as  relaxometry parameter maps calculation of T1, T2 and T2*.


Diffusion MRI analysis package

License: BSD 2-clause license

Link to software:


Description: This module features a fast, easy-to-use and robust C++ implementation for microscopic diffusion anisotropy imaging based on the Spherical Mean Technique (SMT), which allows to map microscopic features of nervous tissue much below the nominal image resolution in the presence of orientation heterogeneity. In addition, the module provides classical techniques such as apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) mapping and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) as well as various utility tools for Rician and Gaussian noise estimation.


LIPSIA - Functional MRI analysis package

License: BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License

Link to software:

Description: Lipsia is a collection of tools for the analysis of fMRI data. Its main focus is on new algorithms such as statistical inference (LISA), Eigenvector centrality mapping (ECM) and network detection in task-fMRI (TED).


MR Spectroscopy Modules

License: MIT license

Link to software:

 Description: The MR-SpectroS library provides extensive functionality to reconstruct magnetic resonance spectroscopy data. ProFit-1D provides accurate and precise spectral fitting of H-MRS spectra.