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The research group Affective Neuroscience and Emotion Modulation belongs to the Department of Psychiatry at the Charité Berlin. The group’s main focus is to improve old and develop new therapeutic strategies for the treatment of depression and other affective disorders. In several projects, using a wide variety of neuroscientific methods such fMRI, EEG, TMS and tDCs, the group aims to identify and modulate neurobiological mechanisms that are altered in affective disorders.


Project contribution

The main project contribution of the CHAR team was to acquire and provide provide multimodal imaging data of depressive patients. These data were used extensively in the development and testing phase the software framework, and later served as a database for the classification of subtypes of disease. Furthermore, expertise in preprocessing and analysis of different MRI modalities were brought into the project. In conjunction with the project partner from ETH Zürich, processing pipelines for multimodal MRI-based analysis have been developed.



Dr. Simone Grimm

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Center for Affective Neuroscience, Charité Berlin