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The C.J.Gorter Center for High Field Magnetic Resonance was opened in the autumn of 2007. Its mission is to develop new techniques for high field clinical applications of MRI. Facilities include a Philips Achieva 7 tesla whole body MRI, as well as access to 3 tesla and 1.5 tesla Philips research scanners and 9.4 tesla and 17.6 tesla Bruker animal systems. Development and improvement of cerebrovascular brain MRI is an important research topic of the Gorter center. This research is performed in the thematic group “Cerebral perfusion MRI” led by Matthias van Osch. Within this group Yuriko Suzuki, MSc, is the leading researcher on improving quantification and robustness of perfusion MRI.


Project contribution

Cerebral hemodynamic status is frequently changed in disease, either as a consequence of a change in metabolic demand or due to impaired blood delivery. Non-invasive imaging of perfusion by means of arterial spin labelling (ASL) has been proven to be a highly valuable method for identifying perfusion abnormalities at the group level. The LUMC will developed new post-processing as well as auxiliary acquisition sequences to enable the application of ASL at the single subject level. The developments focused on increasing robustness of measurement, differentiating between measurements noise, artefacts and disease effects, improved quantification by developing improved auxiliary physiological calibration scans, and correction for partial volume effects to accommodate for biological and disease variation in cortical architecture.


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Prof. Matthias JP van Osch

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